Why choose to hike ?

Most of us have hobbies that interest us. Some are strictly for their benefits, while others broaden our horizons and offer us pleasures that we would not normally have acquired.

Although my interest is in birds, as you may know, birds are not the only animals you can see in your landscape. Unless you’re lost, most animals are pretty harmless to us. But cross the road, and suddenly your view opens up to discoveraitanks of animals withmeaningful resting places, places we would never see naturally.

So why should we be drawn to the peaceful practice of hiking?

Well, it seems to me that the reason we like to hike is to escape from the everyday stress of life in our towns and cities. Spending time in the quiet of nature makes us forget about our problems and greases our appetites.

Going local on a backpacking adventure means you have to pony up and deal with the customs and culture of the place you are visiting. The quaint village where you are staying can be a haven of peace and tranquility for you.

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The beauty of walking through a landscape green and unspoiled, with a myriad of natural sights to unearth, will have you entranced. If you’re lucky, you can peak inside a toilet block and fully appreciate the elegance of its design.

Like the toilets you will find in many rural areas, public campsites tend to be minimalist compared to the standards found at resort style hotels. This is natural in many cases, as when holidaying at a campsite you are limited to the facilities that are on hand. Still, even in these cases it’s reassuring to know that the facilities you do have are clean and hygienic.

Still, some of the cleanest campsites are to be found in the more rural areas, in the grounds of isolated houses in the countryside. Here you can have a more pleasant experience of camping, less predicable than the trips made by many others. For example, you can use a nearby stream to wash your morning tea, or dig a hole and have a barbecue. This sort of approach will remove the stress from having to find aondsaving bathroom at the camp site.

Before you start on your trip, it’s worth making a checklist of equipment and supplies you will require. This is a good exercise, ensuring that you don’t forget anything that may be needed for your trip. There are some items that will need quicker attention than others. Food is a good example. You may have guessed that you will have to take a supply of food, but take a look at what’s going to go with that.

Take stock of what you have and what’s needed for your trip. Pack according to your packing list. Often, you will have guessed correctly that you will need a map and compass, but have you checked these together?

Nature can be very unaware, you can easily be carried away by a smell or a movement that you’ve never heard of before. Don’t forget that nature is far more sensitive than most of what we tend to create.

Have you got all you need to know about using a mobile phone whilst camping? Many camping fans are divided on this issue, as it’s generally not what they would do. Some people see no reason not to have a mobile phone. The issue comes in when you are out and about and realise that signal is not as you would expect.

Some campers have problems with this, seeing it as a Bothy-bobo or repellent-bobo. The reason being that it gets signals but doesn’t have a fantastic range of reception. Which is good news for those of us that don’t want to pay extra for mobile reception.

Bear in mind that your mobile phone signal is only as good as the signal of the last giant battery it had. Also bear in mind that the signal filters of the modern days are not as good as the signal of the old. That said, the better you are able to get your signal, the better you will get your reception.

  1. Pack different clothing for your trip. If you are aware that you are possibly going to be trekking across a very cold part of the world – invest in top quality woolen clothing. Also don’t forget the socks!

Don’t forget the panic alarm clock either! 4am… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s doom… everyone stay calm.

Also, make sure you come into a site with a fire ring and a wooden floor. The fire will keep you warm as well as the floor will keep the sparks and dirt away from you. It’s better to be warm and dry than frozen and raw.

  1. Only use streams and lakes for water – if you get lost and the water goes down, you will have water for a long time yet have no food.
  2. Don’t rely on the campsite heater.