10 best crazy gadget for hiker lover

Today, a hiker doesn’t have to strap on a bulky set of hiking boots to venture on foot – they can avoid the overweight hiking shoes with the built-in footwear they have been wearing all their lives. They can also avoid the heavy backpacks with the built-in adjustable Backpackersouchers and hip belt. They can now do all of this and still be at the top of their game.

The 10 Best Tips to become a Hiker’s Don’t forget these 10 tips when you are going to start taking up hiking. Remember that when you are done with your hike, you will want to hike some more. These 10 tips will help you become a reliable, confident hiker.

  1. Remember the rule of “If it doesn’t fit, add a few more things to it until it does fit”. If you are wearing well known name brand hiking shoes and your backpack does not fit, you should add a shoe or two to the pile and try it on. The shoes that do not fit shouldn’t prevent you from hiking.
  2. Add a flashlight, extra shirt, an extra pair of socks, a lanyard, and a soft “stuff” hat to your list.
  3. When you hike, people expect you to be awkward. Your goal is to avoid looking like a tourist. The Cheezeburger Sticks will help with this. The style looks like your average hiking stick but when you are done, it can be used as a coaster. It also travels well with other items because it has a wide strap for easy carrying.
  4. The Kelty brand is heavy. Do yourself a favor and wear a belt. I know I sound like a broken record but will still heed this advice. Why? Because a belt adds a couple pounds of support to your back. Without the belt you will struggle. Make sure you buy a quality belt because it will pay off a lot when you are carrying a pack on your back.
  5. Wear a watch. But why? Hiking is all about having discomfort free moments. Wearing a watch will keep you hiking without having to think about how many minutes you actually took to hike. I know I am usually the type that hates watches but I actually like them sometimes. They do keep accurate time with the minute number markings but do you really want to jiggle those beeping odds?
  6. Find the hiking shoes that have the socks you want to wear. Most hiking boots have synthetic fillings which are not the best for your feet. Hiking shoes can be fashion statements and good to go but socks are probably better.
  7. The best hiking boots will protect your ankles and keep your feet protected until you finally reach the top. You don’t want your feet to contribute to the weight of your pack. A well fitted pair of hiking boots can make all the difference on a trip.
  8. Wearing two pairs of socks is a good idea. One for day hiking when the weather is warm and the other, as you get into the middle of the night. This will prevent you from having to remove your socks often as part of adjustments.
  9. Crocs are a thing of the past. Now days, your footwear choice must be based on your main activity. Your choice of shoes will be your control of the environment. Everybody wants to feel a bit more comfortable when carrying a pack so strap in on your size.
  10. Let’s look at some of the other items you might want to add to your packing list. Beginning with what is comfortable, your sleeping gear and extending to your tent and backpack, are you sure you have all you need? Make sure you check all your sleeping gear to make sure you are comfortable. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of a cold night to the “call of nature”. The early bird gets the golden chance to sleep easily so the late arrival scratches his or her head.
  11. When packing your tent, do not forget the fabric and cord. The cordage in the middle of a tarp is easy enough to tie to a tree branch across the stream but if you have to tie it to a tree, make sure you have the rope handy. You probably won’t be able to scrounge up the hem of the tent easily enough to get a fist in the middle.
  12. Finally, of course, a first aid kit is the last item you should put into your packing supplies. Even if you are not aware of the possible dangers of a particular path, still bring along a first aid kit. You never know when you will need it. You can also put some extras in there if you want perhaps.