7 points in order to keep everyone occupied on the

In order to keep everyone in line, the First Step is seven points; this is how you keep your place. Number one, is to have a discipline problem or an anger problem. This is one thing that can drive people crazy. When I was working in an office, there were three people who constantly got into fights with one another. Number two was that they didn’t pay their bills on time, and number three was that they didn’t do their assignments on time. When these three individuals got together, it was like a force of nature.

If you are going to teach someone how to keep everyone in line, you must take into consideration that they might not like what you’re teaching them. This is why you need to consider seven points in order to keep everyone in line. Number one is to have a schedule. Everyone has to know where they are going at all times.

Second, you must be prepared for the inevitable. People will always screw up, and this is something that you have to be prepared for. The last two steps are to remind them of what you told them, as well as what you need from them. These are seven points in order to keep everyone in line; if they do not do what you require, you should tell them that it was not good enough, and that you need them to do better.